Live Jamming with Traktor, Access Virus and RM1x

This could be a sign of things to come. We had a pretty good jam with all the gear running at once. Sadly BPM synch between Traktor and Cubase SX doesn’t seem to be possible.

The problem is that Steinberg decided to ditch the “sync to midi clock” feature after VST5. Which is total madness. That means that Cubase has to be the master unless you can supply MTC. Now none of our outboard gear supports output of MTC, so we’re stuffed!

The choices are to either go back to Cubase VST/32 V5.1r3 or get Ableton Live. Seeming as we have 3 legit copies of VST, I think I’ll just install that on the laptop instead!

Congratulations to Steinberg on fucking up Cubase again! I also hear that the latest version of Cubase, Version 4 (no I don’t understand the numbering either) has ditched support for Direct X plug-ins. It wasn’t made public till after the release either. What a spark of genius! That’s right, your £3000 worth of DX plugs won’t work anymore. Even more reason to stay on SX, or by the looks of things, roll back to VST !!

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