Singer Song Writer, Vocal Arrangements, Piano and Guitar

Joyce Stewart joined the band in April 1999: “Walker played me the instrumental version of the track we now call Reborn, whilst driving round a Safari Park near Glasgow! I could hear the potential, and came up with the vocal melody and lyrics…needless to say the rest is history.” Pre-Reborn days, Joyce was concentrating on writing her own material. “ I’ve always been passionate about music, and wanted to get at least a few tracks down on tape. I finally got into the Studio (Old Dairy) in October 1997.

Joyce One of those moments you never forget! I was fortunate enough to be working along side Jon Collins (Bucks Fizz, 2 Unlimited & “Baker Street”) and Phil Elliot…who I have worked with again since in 1999 for both Reborn tracks and her own.” In 1998 Joyce took part in The Ebor Players Production of Babes In The Wood opening the show and having a couple of Solo slots. “I Really enjoyed myself…especially playing a Wench!” In the early nineties Joyce was in a few bands. “This is when my rock influences first showed themselves. It was great singing Love Is A Battlefield (Pat Benatar), Black Velvet (Alannah Myles) and songs by the fantastic Mr Bryan Adams!” From the seventies, Joyce was heavily influenced by Abba, Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones; Madonna and the eighties; Classical Music also had her attentions. Rock came back to the forefront in the nineties….whilst still keeping an ear on all the other styles out there : “Alanis , Alanis Alanis thank God you finally arrived!”

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