Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and 303/drum programming

The first time I was influenced by music was as a child and hearing my sister’s copy of Lets Dance by David Bowie and the album The Innocents by Erasure. Growing up as a teenager I soon got swept into the Rave Scene but couldn’t deny myself the catchy songs from the Nevermind album by Nirvana. In 1994 and the release for Music for the Jilted Generation, The Prodigy moved the boundary’s for music in my opinion. It was at a similar time that I was influenced so much by these artists I started experimenting with samples and mixing some of my own music. Producing music became something of an obsession for me through the late nineties and constantly wanting to take my music further, teaming up with Griff and Joyce was inevitable. Working with like minded people and achieving what we’ve achieved over these past few years is far beyond what I ever imagined. I guess that’s the way it goes, you have to keep setting goals and then move the goal posts when you score, but most important of all, simply enjoy the game in the process!

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