Guitar legends you may never hear of.

I’ve come across some really gifted guitar players in my time, there’s loads out there and sadly many of them won’t ever get the fame and recognition of Slash, Clapton, Cobain and the like.

Once such artist and friend of the band is Martin Ledger of the Bogus Brothers. I’ve seen the guy play, and he ticks all the boxes of being a total guitar genius, including the learning of more obscure strings instruments like the mandolin (which he mastered in a matter of months). I suspect if he saw what I’d written here, he’d probably be a little embarrassed. But this is my blog, so he’s just gonna have to take the compliment 😛

Anyway, my point is that even he was impressed with a video clip I sent him of Pat Metheny. Who is one of those guitarists I’m reffering to who most people will probably have never heard of. Certainly in the UK it’s even more unlikely as he’s the wrong colour and can’t rap, unlike Dizzee Rascal who is untalented and as previously declared; a total cock.

This guy Pat not only mastered other stringed instruments, but bored with mastering that challenge decided to invent his own! It’s a 42 (count them) stringed guitar, named the Pikasso. Although to call it a guitar is a bit ambiguous as it’s more like a guitar, bass, sitar and harp all rolled into one.

Here’s a clip of the guy in action with his multi-stringed guitar.

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