Reborn’s Studio Amp Mixer

I’ve had this mixer since my Rave Generation days, it’s served me well. It’s very long in the tooth now. The turntable and both tape decks are screwed. It’s missing two fader knobs, the DJ/STUDIO/HIFI switch is crackly and the speaker sockets are really intermittant.

Sadly now, the front phono sockets are faulty, so I can only get an input using the 1/4″ jacks, which requires use of the “trim” pre-amp which causes alot of distortion.

But, I can forgive all that as it’s 23 years old. I can’t belive this puppy was £299 back in 1985, I dread to think what that is in 2008 money!

Anway, here’s the ad, sit back and enjoy !

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