Propellerhead Reason 4 – Upgrade Fiasco

Well, after several days messing around transferring our licences over to the new Propshop account, it then turns out that we can’t upgrade our copy of Reason. Not becuase it’s the older Version 1. But because it’s an “NFR” version. These are versions which are shipped out to journalists, traders and bands/producers to help promote the software, and this is what we have been using for the last 6 years. We’ve been very impressed with Reason, and it’s proved usefull on many occasions, but we’ve never felt the need to upgrade till now.

The new version of Reason has a new modular synth, a groove mixer and more interestingly for us (since we ditched the CS2X) , an arpeggiator! So it’s quite upsetting to find that even through we’re prepared to fork out for the upgrade, Propellerhead won’t permit us to do so. We can however, if we wish, pay full price for the full version (some 400EU!). Sadly, this it way out of our budget for software. And it does lead me to think that it’s actually alot of money for any band, so that basically means it’s marketed for the full time musos and producers who can get the software for free!

Nice move Propellerhead! You just earned yourself £0 from all bands like us. Surely it would make more sense to have some kind of banner exchange? Or promotional contract where bands using the software get discounts in exchange for wearing Propellerhead t-shirts on stage? That’s just two ideas off the top of my head, so surely there must be another option?

But that would be sensible now wouldn’t it. So, no new toys for Reborn. Will just stick with Version1 thanks very much.

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