The Best Techno Artists (Who you may never know)

I’ve being following a recording label for over eighteen months now, which has opened up a whole new little world of techno artists that most people would never know about. I know that I wouldn’t have discovered them myself if it wasn’t for total chance while on a trip to Berlin early 2006. I can’t help but to be always on the look out for new and interesting music (its in my blood), so when I heard some ‘refreshingly awesome techno’ thumping out of the impressive PA system, in some cool and edgy bar deep in Berlin, I couldn’t resist inquiring.

Thanks to the wonderful internet I was able to pay a small fee and download the Album back in the UK, and obviously find out exactly who was involved.

The label Audiomatique ( and the key artists involved being Martinez, Trentemoller and (since discovered) Jeff Bennett of Pokerflat Recordings (
If you’re interested in discovering some alternative techno music then search for the following tracks as a starter and take it from there:

Physical Fraction – Trentmoller

Prana – Trentmoller

Twilight – Martinez

Have Fun!